Bricks Of War: The Lego Gameplay Video

The category (or archive) of Lego articles here on Bit Rebels is growing really fast and we love it! It’s one of the few things that I think children will always love to play with, and it is a toy that will never go out of style. The never-ending number of builds and the creativeness that you can achieve with those blocks are continuously going to mesmerized children all over the world. It doesn’t really matter what you build, the blocks will always be there to help you come up with something that in the end you will feel was well worth the time. As a child, you don’t really care about the execution of your build because your imagination does everything for you. Three blocks put together can easily become a dog or a cat for example.

For the last couple of years though, we have seen an increase in Lego stop motion videos being posted to the Internet, especially on YouTube. As you might have figured out, they are most generally about Star Wars, but there are builds and animations out there that actually incorporate some other elements and even focus on entirely different subjects altogether. In this article, I wanted to share with you a stop motion video called Bricks of War. It’s a remake of some rather cool gameplay from Gears of War (but if you are a game you probably knew that already, right?).

The video comes from a group called Kooberz Studios, and it has a nice retro feel to it. Well, not really, but the intro has me longing for some Arkanoid gaming, and I think when I get a chance or a few minutes to spare that I will actually pick up a game and play some. For all of you who have played Gear of War, you know the game is kind of bloody and that is an aspect I think they have downplayed a little in this video, which of course is good. Then again, it’s just a game, right? In either case, this is an awesome way to be creative! Props!

Bricks Of War Lego Video