Brilliant Steampunk Trick Or Treat Buckets

Each Halloween there is one thing in particular that kids look forward to besides getting scared out of their socks by their parents and neighbors. It’s the trick or treat event where they usually end up with buckets full of candy that they spend days and days trying to consume. The buckets of choice have of course been different throughout the years, and sometimes even a teapot is enough to get the neighbors all generous with the candy. However, as we get a little older, we can’t go trick or treating with just anything. We need to have the “cool” and our “mojo” with us, otherwise chances are people will think we are weird, right?

Never worry! There’s a solution for everything, and all you have to do is become a little more creative. In this article, I have looked a little farther into the horizon to try and find something that would be cool enough yet interesting enough to accompany the fright night theme on Halloween. They are the awesome Steampunk Trick Or Treat buckets that ensure us a crap load of candy after our horrifying trick or treat run around the block.

These impressive trick or treat buckets were created by deviantART user Yamiguru, and they have a whole slew of interesting features. One particularly interesting feature is of course the LED lamp eyes on the buckets. They make for a cool effect, yes, but they also make sure that all the traffic is aware of your children when they run across the street like fiftyeleven times to make sure they get all the good houses first. Then of course, the fact that these buckets are awesome and will probably make everyone else super jealous is another great feature, wouldn’t you say?

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Steampunk Trick Or Treat Buckets