Bugatti Veyron – The World’s Most Advanced Lego Build

There’s been a lot of Lego chatter here on Bit Rebels lately, and we know it. There is just no getting around the awesomeness of that block. I am not even going to go into what makes it awesome anymore cause if you don’t get it by now, I am sure you never will. As we have concluded, there is Lego for kids, for teenagers, grown ups and now, also for engineers and technically advanced mechanical geeks. It’s not that the parts are that much different, but there is a clear skill level advancement if you look at category builds side by side.

Sheepo HL is one of those people that has taken the steps all the way up to the most advanced level of Lego building. The creations that come from this person are beyond geeky and passed insane. One of the latest creations must be the world’s most advanced mechanical build ever.

How about a Bugatti Veyron complete with shapes and forms. It also has a fully functional seven-speed gearbox, retracting spoiler, independent suspension, and a lot more. The genius it must have taken to dream this one up is just insane. What’s even more impressive is how the builder managed to fit everything inside this beautiful dream car and he got it all to work harmoniously together. It’s a feat that will be hard to beat.

If you look closely at the reference pictures, you can be sure that you won’t spot anything that is out of place. Everything is represented and correctly positioned down to the very finest detail. What fascinates me is that even the braking system works exactly like the real one does on the Bugatti Veyron. It’s really an amazing build and a fantastic way of showing off your skills to your friends. However, I wouldn’t bring it to the club to try and impress the girls… nope, they’d rather you have a real car… just a thought…