What You Could Build With Every Lego Brick Ever Made [Infographic]

You know we are huge fans of LEGO here at Bit Rebels, and we sometimes feature those gigantic jaw-dropping builds that take hundreds of thousands of bricks to complete. If you like building with LEGO, what do you think you could build if you had access to every LEGO brick ever made? It’s kind of a crazy question considering there have been more than 474 billion bricks made by LEGO over the years. With an additional 32 billion being added each year, that number is increasing fast.

Movoto decided to take on this question and determine exactly what we could build with every LEGO brick ever made. They compiled their results in this infographic called You Won’t Believe What All The World’s LEGO Bricks Could Build.

According to their calculations (which they determined using this LEGO My House calculator), it would take 158,783,167 LEGO bricks to build the White House. It would take 2,350,135,986 LEGO bricks to build Buckingham Palace. You can click over to that link to see how many LEGO bricks it would take to build your own house.

So, if you had access to every LEGO brick in the world, you would be able to build all the things you see in this infographic. If you click over to their corresponding blog post (linked above), you can read more detailed information about how they were able to come up with these numbers. It’s quite geeky, and I had no idea there were that many LEGO bricks in the world. Hopefully every LEGO brick in existence has been enjoyed by someone and helped that person develop his or her creativity. I think it would be fun to build a real LEGO house (like the kind you could live in). I’m sure someone has done that before, I’ll Google it…

Things You Could Build With Every LEGO Brick Ever Made


Via: [Design Taxi]