Building Block Soap: A Fun Way To Wash Our Hands!

When we were younger, LEGO was the toy to keep us busy. My parents bought us loads of these fun building blocks so that they could have several hours of peace and quiet. We could sit around all day with those blocks and create wonderful buildings, spaceships and other neat contraptions our minds created. It really did not matter what it was, just as long as we could piece them together, there was no limit. Too bad we couldn’t keep all the LEGO toys from when we were young. I really wish I had kept them since now they are quite expensive. Regardless of the price, I still it’s worth purchasing them since they really aid in creativity.

There is also another way to relive those days. As we all know, there are so many LEGO inspired trinkets that we can buy and even wear. If you like LEGO, you might also like this The Building Block Soap. They are a replica of LEGO blocks. They have the same fun colors too, but these come with a fruity scent. They are, of course, slightly bigger than your average LEGO brick since soaps can be slippery.  Each is sold in a package of six. It’s a great way to decorate your bathroom, especially if you have guests coming over to visit or if you are hosting a party. Washing our hands is very important, it promotes cleanliness and protects us from germs and disease. Now you can do it in a fun and geeky way. Thanks to the building block soap, we have another way to put a smile on the face of any geek.