Can You Tell This Girl Is a Geek in Only 42 Seconds?

I’m about to give you the fast, funny, mindless break your brain needs right now. This teenage girl has some serious talent. Can you tell she is a geek in only 42 seconds?

She balances 15 books on her head, recites pi to the 100th digit and solves a Rubik’s cube all at the same time. Sure, some people say her Rubik’s cube was never mixed up and that the books are glued to her head, but hey, give the girl a break.

I think her 99th and 100th digit are wrong too, isn’t it supposed to be 7 and 9? I don’t know, it’s been a few years since I sat in a geometry class. Either way, I love it! I’m sure she had fun doing this, it reminds me of being in 10th grade and memorizing the periodic table of elements. Yep, those were good times for sure.

The geek is strong with this one. May the force be with you, always.