Can’t Get Enough Bacon? Enter Baconfest Chicago

Does the title of this post make you hungry, nay, Giddy? Us Too.

As you know, here at BitRebels we love bacon and baconography (is that even a word? it is now!)

So if you don’t love bacon as much as we do, you are probably reading the wrong blog – What geek doesn’t love bacon!? Where do people like us that freaking adore bacon hang out you might ask? Good question.

They hang out at BACONFEST!!!

Baconfest Chicago 2010

What is Baconfest??

Well, I am glad you asked – or else this post would have ended there.

Baconfest is An all-day festival of bacon where bacon lovers from all over the world gather, and raise their cholesterol levels together in the celebration of the sweet sweet goodness that is bacon. Baconfest was held on April 10th, 2010 – but don’t worry – we have a few clips from Baconfest below.

It featured many of Chicago’s finest chefs and there were obviously a TON of bacon related dishes at the event, They even had lots of sponsors that included The Onion, vendors such as Vosges Haut Chocolat and Nueske’s, an amateur bacon recipe cook-off between five finalists and a Bacon Bar and Lounge. Oh, and by the way, the Festival was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. So yeah, go bacon!

What else is at Baconfest??

Pretty much anything and everything BACON Related!!

You can find anything from Bacon Action Figures to Bacon Bloody Mary’s – Check it out!

I hope that you enjoyed this look at Baconfest! Hopefully you will get your tickets early next year!!

Now go eat some Baconnaise!