Celebrity Geeks You Should Know About [Infographic]

The world is full of geeks. Some look more like the stereotype than others, but they all have one thing in common, they are all geeks. It’s easy to judge people by their exterior. For example, who would think that a model who charges thousands of dollars just to wear a designer’s clothes and be photographed in them would actually be addicted to World of Warcraft? I think we should know by now that the world is mostly not what it seems. People dress to impress and speak words they know will get attention. But deep within them, there is a person just like any other human being. You will find geeks within all professions. They are company founders, rescue personnel and even presidents. It’s not exactly the weirdest thing that there are celebrity geeks as well, right?

There are actually more celebrity geeks than you could ever imagine. Take Alyssa Milano for example. This super talented actress and baseball fanatic is known to frequently share geeky stuff on her Twitter account. Jeri Ryan, who we all know as “Seven of Nine” in Star Trek: Voyager, is another super geek who is constantly treating her Twitter and Google+ audience to great geek content. As you see, there are celebrity geeks all around us.

There are of course a few that you wouldn’t know about unless you had been following them closely. In an attempt to deflate the persistent mindset that geeks are the usual stereotypes who are locked inside a room fiddling with a computer or playing video games all the time, I have dug up an interesting infographic. It is shortly called Celebrity Geeks, and it is a list of celebrities who you would have never thought were geeks.

It is presented by Web Hosting Geeks, and it is going to shed some much needed light on the fact that celebrity geeks are as dedicated to their geekery as any other geek. For example, who would have thought that Vin Diesel is such a huge gaming fanatic and that he actually owns his own game development company. And how about Robin Williams – he’s an uber gamer who even named his daughter after his favorite video game, Zelda. The number of celebrity geeks is astounding once you start taking a closer look at them. Who do you know who you would call a celebrity geek and why?

Web Hosting Geeks’ List Of Celebrity Geeks

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