Celebrity Goes LEGO: Life Size Conan O’Brien LEGO Build

You can build a lot of things using LEGO, and I think the Internet has shown us that pretty much anything is possible. When I first saw the impressive Star Wars Droid Control Ship, I was blown away by the determination some people put into their LEGO building. It’s one thing to put together a build of like 500 blocks and a couple of hours of planning, but when it comes to builds like this that take 2 years and 30,000 blocks, that is in a whole different league really.

You must have a heck of a lot of patience, a pretty good understanding of engineering, and a brain that has a good understanding of 3D concepts. A build can be imagined, that’s the easy part, but getting it from the head to the physical world is a whole different thing. Some people go out of their way to impress their fellow builder friends, and that’s exactly what Nathan Sawaya did.

He built a life size incarnation of Conan O’Brien himself, and the build is nothing less than mind-numbingly awesome. Nathan was approached to be commissioned to build this “Red Headed Man.” Why? Because he is a professional LEGO builder I guess. The result is a vibrant and life-like, full stature Conan O’Brien that is sure to do its justice when it graces the office of TBS (I guess!).

How long it took Nathan to create this awesome build is not revealed, and the secrecy around this piece is extraordinary. As a matter of fact, Nathan can’t reveal who the build is supposed to portray, but I think that anyone’s imagination will point in the direction of one very famous talk show host. Hmm…