Chip Gripper – Eating Potato Chips Will Never Be The Same

It’s fun to see some of the gadgets that people invent. It is especially entertaining to watch those inventions that walk the fine line between being completely useless and ingenious. I’m happy to report that this is one of those inventions. I can’t decide if I need to have this right away, or if it’s the most ridiculous thing ever created. You tell me.

Here is the scene: It’s Thursday night and you are on your computer writing a post at 11pm. You decide you want a snack. You grab a bag of potato chips. Suddenly your writing is interrupted because you have greasy hands and the grease is getting all over your keyboard, and the annoying crumbs are everywhere. What do you do?

The Potechi Chip Gripper can come to the rescue! That is exactly the problem that this Potechi Chip Gripper was created to solve. Potechi, which means potato chip in Japanese, is an ergonomic, bionic arm designed to gently pick up a potato chip without breaking it, and then take it to your lips, without your fingers ever having to touch it. Don’t be fooled, there is actually a lot of engineering that has gone into this creative little gadget. All the aspects of chip gripping were considered. It even shakes off loose clingy crumbs. I really can’t see a better use of 7 bucks.

However, the way I see it, this little bionic arm solves one problem, but creates another. You won’t have to worry about that annoying chip grease anymore, but now you will have to worry about eating too many potato chips since this looks like way too much fun.

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