Coca Cola Rockets – Awesomeness Defined!

Who doesn’t like Coca Cola? Who doesn’t need a Mentos every once in a while? Well, if you put them together you get what’s called a “Coca Cola Rocket” and they are awesomeness defined. Never again do you have to be bored if you have a Coca Cola and a few Mentos and no movie to watch.

Take the two components with you to an empty parking lot and do your best. Put the Mentos, as many as you dare, into the full Coca Cola and put tha cap on it again as fast as you can. Hold it for a few seconds then throw it into the ground. You got yourself a Coca Cola Rocket! Wohoo!

Just be careful though. They CAN explode before you get them off the ground and you wouldn’t want to hold the Coca Cola bottle in your hands if they do explode. Be warned!