Colin Furze Creates Incredible Firework Death Star

The mad YouTuber Colin Furze is at it again! Having just reached three million subscribers on YouTube he decided to create a firework death star to celebrate the occasion. Colin has since he hit one million subscribers promised to up the ante every time he hit another million subscribers.

About a week ago Colin started building the firework death star, or rather, half of it and started adding an insane amount of fireworks to the frame. We have included the building of the incredible contraption that is most likely going to add another bulk of subscribers to Colin’s already mega-popular YouTube channel. I think it’s safe to say that Colin is quite appreciated by the firework shop he goes to when purchasing his arsenal of spinners, crackers, and pops.

Today it was time to set his plan in motion as his channel just hit three million subscribers. The video, which kicks off in the same signature high-adrenaline manner, as usual, does not save on gunpowder. The madman Colin Furze is positioned underneath the firework death star and within seconds, firing off the almost unbelievable firework death star.

Should we really call it a firework death star as it is not technically a globe? I am sure some of you will have something to say about that. However, I think it’s safe to say that staying underneath it when it goes off is sure to give it the quite appropriate name nonetheless.

Colin is known for creating what people thought were impossible and has at numerous occasions created almost iconic gadgets and machines. Have a look at his channel and check out the variety of things that this genius chap has been able to create.

Now, have a look at the videos showing how he built the firework death star and also what it looks like when he ignite its fuse! It’s a sight you will never forget and that I am sure will not be beaten on this side of 2016. Perhaps Colin’s YouTube channel will hit four million subscribers this year and treat us to yet another firework display. If you hit up his channel and subscribe, we’ll know quite soon.

Colin Furze – Firework Death Star

Colin Furze Firework Death Star