How Much Money Would It Cost For You To Live On Mars? [Infographic]

People have always been fascinated by the thought of traveling to Mars. Whenever I think about what it would be like to live on Mars, I am reminded of the original 1990 movie Total Recall. Lately though, it seems like people are even more interested in learning about the planet that some people will soon call home.

Ever since dirt and water were discovered there, suddenly new hope arose for the potential that could be there. Then when Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp announced his goal to have human beings live on Mars by 2023 (!!!), things got exciting once again.

As we all know, the people who go there will get a one-way ticket. Mr. Lansdorp told Huffington Post, “They are going to stay there, in our plan, for the rest of their lives. They are really going to settle on a new planet and start a new life there.” The question is, would you want to be one of those people? Would you be willing to leave everything on Earth behind so you could go live on Mars for the rest of your life? And how much exactly would that cost?

In this infographic called The Cost Of Living On Mars by, we are treated to a taste of what it would cost to live on the red planet. I think it’s safe to say that the cost of living on Mars is quite a bit higher than here. Imagine that you’d have to pay about $209 to send an email to Earth or to make a one-minute phone call to Earth. Watching one high-def video on YouTube would cost about $37,244. It’s interesting to note that sending a text on Mars would be cheaper than sending a text on Earth. Bottom line though…It would cost billions of dollars to live there. Suddenly living on Earth doesn’t seem so expensive after all.

Would You Want To Live On Mars?

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Via: [POPSCI] Header Image Credit: [Where The Shoes Might Take Me / Milana Ryan]