Crayola Goes 3D And Takes Street Chalk Art To Another Level

We have all seen the creative and sometimes mind boggling art done by street artists and their chalk.  If you haven’t, then you have certainly missed out on some of the coolest experiences that you can come across on a simple street.  Some of these artists travel around the world drawing their art on streets just to collect money for a simple meal or somewhere to sleep.  Through the years, the artwork has gotten more and more advanced, and if you snap a picture at the exact right angle, it will truly look as if you are about to fall down into another world that lies hidden beneath the pavement.  You could wonder how they come up with this kind of artwork, and if it takes years and years to master it.  It probably does, but if you thought that those pieces of artwork are the end of this creative line, you are as wrong as anyone can be.

Crayola just released one of their coolest products to date.  It’s Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk.  It’s a new kind of chalk that lets kids and grown-ups chalk away on the ground to create awesome art, which can later be viewed using the included glasses.  The chalked art will then come out of its fixated spot and the experience is said to be somewhat like watching a 3D movie at a cinema.  Warmer colors will appear higher, and cooler colors will appear to recede.

Even though I doubt that it will be of the same thrilling nature, I still think that this could potentially be mind bustingly fun in so many ways.  And if street artists got their hands on these things, I am sure that the street art that impressed us yesterday will become yesterday’s retro art in comparison to the new stuff they can achieve.  Slip on those 3D glasses and become one with the chalk… I am pretty sure that has never been said in a movie before.

3D Chalks and Glasses

Crayola 3D Design Artwork