Crocheted Star Wars Tie Fighters: A Softer Edge To The Dark Side

I can’t believe it was a couple of decades ago that I first came in contact with the Star Wars series and became mesmerized by it like every other fan out there. For me, it wasn’t an instant hit though for some reason. I had to see the second and third movies also in order to really appreciate the whole concept. Once I saw those though, I was hooked. When the prequels came out, I wasn’t too impressed to be honest. They didn’t really add anything to the whole story more than a glimpse into how Darth Vader became who he is for the rest of the series. Of course, there is a storyline and all, and we get to see the uprising and all that. However, the prequels never really gave me the same feel I got from the first three movies.

The dark side is pretty hard core, and we get immersed into that over and over again in all the movies, but there is now a softer edge to the dark side that I don’t think anyone has known before, or seen for that matter. Yummy Pancakes has been doing some pretty awesome crocheting, and the result is definitely something that any Star Wars fan will appreciate. They recently presented the all crocheted Star Wars Tie Fighters.

Yes, I am absolutely serious! These are as badass as anyone can even imagine. I don’t think I have seen anything crocheted that incorporates so much of the Star Wars flavor as these awesome creations. Not only are they awesomely put together, but they are of course also for sale. You can have a look at an epic list of crocheted Star Wars stuff at the Tates Comics website. I am sure that you will find some stuff that is well worth the price. I mean, who can say no to anything Star Wars, especially when it is crocheted, right?

Star Wars Croched Tie Fighters

Star Wars Croched Tie Fighters