Cross-Stitched Optimus Prime Can Really Transform

Not too long ago I saw Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon, and I have to admit it was INSANE when it comes to special effects. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before. Not even Avatar seems to be able to stand tall next to the effects in that movie. I still can’t fathom the time it must take to animate those cars, trucks and gadgets that constantly transform and move around. It’s brilliantly done fore sure! Not only is the movie great, but if possible, the soundtrack is even better. Maybe it is because I am a soundtrack junkie that I continuously put more attention on that than on the actual storyline sometimes, I don’t know.

If you thought that movie was out of this world, and if you can’t wait for Transformers 4 to be announced and released, I think I have something that might put your craving to rest. It’s the cross-stitched Optimus Prime which I am pretty sure will put your brain into a slight twist and bend. Yes, it’s all yarn, but the coolest thing about it isn’t the fact that it is snuggy soft, it’s that it is actually capable of transforming into a truck and back again.

I don’t think I have come across something this geeky in quite a while. The fact that someone actually set out to create this in stitch work and then worked out all the parts so that it can transform is way beyond what I think most people have in their imagination when they sit there with a needle and thread. It’s thanks to Lord Libidan/Paper Robots 1999 that we are able to enjoy this awesome creation. It is with the help of magnets that this is able to transform and withhold its form. Some people are just beyond creative, don’t you think? I urge you to get your very own Cross Stitch Transformer over at their Etsy shop!

Cross Stitched Optimus Prime Transformer

Cross Stitched Optimus Prime Transformer