Transformers: The Cars Behind The Robots [Infographic]

I was never a huge Transformers fan as a kid.  There, I said it!  Even though that might sound weird coming from someone claiming to be in the realm of the uber geeks, it simply never caught my fancy.  Why I have no idea really.  Watching the blockbuster movies today put it all in a skewed perspective for me, and I enjoy the new movies better than the actual original series back in 1984-1987.  I would really like to take credit for knowing a lot regarding Transformers, but I am simply a novice in the field.  Even during the years it aired, I had to look up just to be able to put it in context.  So even though it hurts inside having to admit that Transformers was never a part of my geekish arsenal of topics to discuss, I still sit here writing about it.  But there’s a time for everything as I was told as a youngster.

And today, when looking at the awesome graphics of the cars behind the robots, I suddenly feel all left out of the cool.  There are people out there who know pretty much everything there is to know about the cars and the different models.  To save my face in front of all you uber geeks out there, I do remember quite a few cars, surprisingly, out of all the Transformers.  So maybe I could get a day pass or something for at least paying enough attention to recognize the bad guys from the good. created this awesome infographic which lists all the cars behind the robots in Transformers.  Some of the names you will have seen before, while some others will be new (depending on whether or not you are a true Transformers fan or not).  I say the creators did an amazing job putting this one together.  Geekology for sure!

Listing Of All Transformers CarsCars To Robots Infographic ListingAwesome Car To Robots Infographic