Crush Notifier: Online Dating Steps It Up A Notch

With all the success of online dating, it’s evident that there are more people out there who want to find someone from their keyboard instead of meeting their lifetime love through more conventional ways.  It seems the reason could be that we’re more comfortable behind our screen and keyboard than we would be in front of that special person face-to-face.  It could also be that we’ve gotten so lazy that we’re finding other ways to make sure we won’t get our hearts broken if we actually were to present ourselves in person.  Well, that time when you eventually have to meet will come even if you’re behind that screen of yours, so the reasons why we’re dating online is probably because we can do it from the comfort of our own homes.

So what if you’re looking for that special someone but don’t know how to approach him or her?  You might be scared that you’re the only one who has a crush, and you simply don’t want to go through the embarrassment of it not being recipricated.  Then, Crush Notifier is the perfect tool for you.

Crush Notifier is a Facebook application that lets you tag the person you have a crush on, and if it so happens that the person tags you, both of you will be notified via email.  Nothing will be published on Facebook, so the worries of all of your friends finding out that you two love birds are cooking up a relationship is absolutely impossible.  So, if you’re too shy or just too chicken, Crush Notifier is probably the right tool for you.  However, a straight forward approach is always the fastest, that’s the only thing I am saying.

Secure Online Dating Facebook Tool

Secire Online Dating Facebook Tool