Cubed Superheroes: And You Thought Your Superhero Was Square!

I wonder if there are any superheroes left to put on the silver screen. It’s like it’s one hit after another, and just picking up the thread of a superhero comic makes for a box office cash cow. Often times it happens many times over in the form of sequel after sequel. No doubt they are good, but is there an end to it all? I mean, I remember the whole slash & gut era when we saw Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, etc… become box office hits. It was one after another, but then that stopped and something else started.

If you thought that your superheroes only came in packages like movies or comics, you’re definitely wrong. They also come in a square boxed up Picasso style as well. These genuine and creative superhero costumes are part of an exhibition of boxed superhero displays. I can’t think of anything else that is so cool and funny at the same time.

This must totally be the perfect thing for Halloween for anyone. I mean, a boxed up Captain America is genius! However, choosing what character to be would be impossible. Every single one is extremely well done, and the children must completely love these. Created out of cardboard box and a creative mind, it sure doesn’t get any better and more “super” than these superheroes.

Image Credit: [Nikejerk3]