This Darth Vader TIE Fighter Wheelchair Kid Will Melt Your Geeky Heart

The moment I saw this, I knew I had to share it with you. Out of all the Star Wars cosplay we’ve featured, this has to be the best one of all. This Darth Vader TIE Fighter kid was making his way around MCM Expo London Comic Con at the end of May. Redditor JapanUnderground asked the boy’s father if he could snap a pic, and the rest is viral history. This kid is an inspiration on so many different levels, and I hope he knows his awesomeness goes beyond this cosplay.

Not only does his wheelchair make the perfect TIE Fighter, he would make Darth Vader proud. I searched the thread in the reddit post, but I couldn’t find anything about how his wheelchair was transformed into a TIE Fighter. You can see he has a lightsaber in his hand, and I wonder if he got to wield it that day.

The most awesome part of this Darth Vader TIE Fighter cosplay is that this kid had the inspiration to do it. He could have thought that since he’s in a wheelchair, he couldn’t be a cosplayer, but he didn’t. He got out there and showed the world his love of Star Wars. He is a true inspiration to everyone, and a great example of how to live life right, no matter what limitations the rest of the world might see.

If you want to see some more Star Wars cosplay, meet Miss Death Star or this Dog AT-AT Costume. As far as this little Darth Vader guy goes, we wish him the best of luck forever. I hope he takes on the world with the same spirit he showed the day he cosplayed Vader. The force is strong with you little buddy!

Darth Vader TIE Fighter Cosplay

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Via: [Neatorama] [reddit]