Darth Vader’s Imperial March Played On Floppy Drives

The geek is strong with this one! I don’t put a lot of videos in my Bit Rebels articles because I know you are busy, and you don’t have time to sit there and watch a video unless it’s really, really good. Well, this one is really, really good! It was just put on YouTube four days ago, and it’s already gotten almost 600,000 views at the time I’m writing this. I’ve seen it on tons of blogs the past two days, and it absolutely deserves a place on Bit Rebels too.

What? You don’t want to watch it? I find your lack of faith disturbing. Do you remember 3.5″ floppies? I don’t think one of them would even store a high-res picture these days. I mean, really, talk about ancient. However, I have a lot of fun memories involving floppies (along with dial-up and a first generation webcam, but we’ll keep that story for another day), so they are still special in a retro kind of way. Until I saw this video, I thought the only real use for them was to be a drink coaster or maybe tossed like a Frisbee. I was obviously wrong.

Silent created this badboy, and you can check out his YouTube channel here. This is a duo of two floppy drives playing the Imperial March. I also saw this on reddit where one commenter was kind enough to give everyone more of these geektastic renditions for our collection:

A hard drive plays the Imperial March
A scanner plays the Imperial March
A cockatiel sings the Imperial March
A Tesla coil plays the Imperial March
Two hands fart the Imperial March

This device might be completely useless, that’s true. It’s probably also annoyingly loud, but I love it anyway! If Darth Vader was here today, I’m sure he would say, “Impressive. Most Impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.

Empire Strikes Back Imperial March

Imperial March Played Floppy Drives

Via: [Make] [reddit] Image Credit: [HumbleABlog]