Darth Vapour: Iconic Steampunk Leather Helmet

One of the most recognizable movie characters ever created must be Lord Vader or Darth Vader as we all know him. This Star Wars mega character has one of the most original outfits and personalities of any movie figure I have ever seen. His whole aura breathes evil, and to say anything else would be to seriously have missed the mark of who Darth Vader really was. We have covered several pretty cool Vader helmets through the years here at Bit Rebels, and still people find the creativity to create more of them. It’s like they just can’t get enough of the power of this movie icon. By now you would think we had seen everything when it comes to Darth Vader, but this is a masterpiece you just have to check out.

It’s the amazingly crafted Darth Vapour steampunk helmet. Sure, there have been quite a few of these kind of helmets created, but this one is pretty unique. It’s created by the very talented designer and Star Wars fanatic Michael Salerno. On his Flickr profile page you will find a heap of pictures of this marvelous creation which seems to have taken quite some time to put together. I keep on wondering what the Star Wars movies would have looked like if they were instead set in the steampunk age that we sometimes see in movies and video games.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but that helmet really looks like it’s created out of leather, hardened leather. So is it really a helmet then? I mean, the original one was created out of plastic I am sure, and I have even seen some created out of metal, so I am cool with calling it a helmet, of course. But leather? I am a little bit confused here, but I guess I will let it slide because it looks awesomely cool! So what do you think, is it a helmet? Can it just be filed under the category of helmet or do you think we should call it something else?

Darth Vapour Leather Steampunk Helmet

Darth Vapour Leather Steampunk Helmet