World’s Most Detailed Star Wars Avenger Star Destroyer Model

When fans take on something of importance, they usually go beyond what one could imagine and create something that pretty much no one can stop staring at. We have seen it many times, and that will always be the case. When it comes to Star Wars fan Thomas Tewoort, there is little that could ever stand in the way of his imagination and creativity. He more than proves this with his nothing less than epic Avenger Star Destroyer model build.

I personally consider it being the world’s most detailed Avenger Star Destroyer model (it’s actually a modified Randy Cooper model kit), and the reason for that is the immense work that Thomas has put into it in order to make it look like a perfect replica from the movies. When you first see it, it is easy to think that it is the actual model used to capture the epic scenes we have seen so many times on the silver screen. Every little square, gun or hatch is replicated, and the closer the camera gets to the spaceship the more detail you will be able to see.

The detail of this particular Avenger Star Destroyer goes way beyond the scope of the outer modeling itself. The fact is that within its hull lingers wiring that supports over 2,700 fiber optic lights, which when turned on it is almost blindingly beautiful. Every light has been accurately positioned, and within a dark room it almost looks eerily similar to the real deal.

Thomas does not share how long it took him to put the Avenger Star Destroyer beast together, but he does share that within this model there is over 1km of optic fiber cables. Furthermore, together with the Cree LEDs for the main engines and the 12 LEDs for the Blockade Runner, the ship features 62 LEDs and it can be powered with an 11.1V Lipo Accu or a 12V power supply. Thomas sadly had to let this piece of epic art go but only because it would allow him to build something with even more accuracy. We can’t wait to see what the level of detail will be once his second ship is done. I don’t know about you, but if this isn’t epic there can’t be much that is. Check out Thomas Tewoort’s YouTube Channel for more epic builds.

Thomas Tewoort’s Epic Avenger Star Destroyer Build

Avenger Star Destroyer Build

Avenger Star Destroyer Build

Avenger Star Destroyer Build