DIY Portal Sweatshirt Complete With Teleporting Illusion

I was so excited a while back when I wrote about how to create a Princess Leia robe from two sweatshirts because I thought it was the easiest tutorial I had ever found. You can read about that at DIY Princess Leia Robe: So Easy Even A Wookie Could Make It. However, I think I might have found something even easier for you Portal fans today, and coincidentally, it’s also made with a sweatshirt.

If you have a white hoodie, a couple of permanent markers and a pair of scissors to complete the illusion, you can make your very own Portal sweatshirt to make all your Portal dreams come true. This was originally posted on Reddit at Now You’re Thinking With Portals.

If you can get passed this guy’s very sexy jeans and that annoying as hell string that needs fixing, you’ll be able to see that this is blissfully simple creativity at its best. Okay, so you want to know what’s up with the arm, right? Surely there is a hole cut into the sweatshirt behind the pocket which allows him to slip his arm in there. You can see the shadow where he inserted his arm. Then of course he stuffed the fabric from the sleeve of the sweatshirt into the pocket to create a real portal look. You are probably wondering if I came up with this brilliant explanation on my own. Nope, I didn’t. I needed the help of Reddit users to figure it out, but now it all makes sense. So if you need some quality entertainment this weekend, just get out your blue and orange magic markers and go to town. You’ll be sporting your own Portal hoodie before you know it!


Via: [Dorkly]