DIY Star Wars Inspired Death Star Cake

There is nothing that describes awesomeness more than serving a Star Wars inspired cake at a party. I take that back. Serving beer in a retro arcade game modded into a beer cooler/keg, which we’ve featured before, might be number one on the list. However, a Star Wars cake is definitely up there in geeky goodness.

Seeing a Star Wars cake and getting directions for how to make one on your own are two very different things. I don’t really like writing about them unless they come with a recipe and directions, otherwise they seem like nothing more than a big tease. About a year ago I wrote about a Yoda Cake which came with directions.

That one was really neat since it had Rice Krispie treats and chopsticks in the middle of the cake to get Yoda’s head just right. Today I’d like to show you a Death Star cake. That thing is awesome! CakeCentral even posted directions for how to make this badboy yourself. It was created by cakesmith Bernice Camlin (Smurfesque), and it’s a beauty of a cake. You actually use two bowl shaped pans to cook two cakes, and then put them together to make the round Death Star. You can get the complete recipe with detailed directions at How to Make a Death Star Cake. If you would like to see more Star Wars inspired party foods, just jump over here.



Via: [Make]