Domino – World Record

It seems I am on to World Records as of lately. Few things impress me as much as well executed world records. And if it Domino’s in the numbers of millions I am even more impressed. Sometimes though I wonder if people have nothing else to do then hang strapped placing out those bricks. But then again maybe that’s why we have started seeing so many company logo’s in the runs. I am sure they get handsomely paid, especially when they are in the process of breaking the world record.

I’m starting to sweat just watching that girl placing that last brick in her section and then starting to cry. Imagine how hard she must have worked and it all being over in a matter of minutes. Literally! Oh, and if you’re planning on breaking the record… Maybe you should bother checking what it cost buying 4.345.027 Domino bricks first. Plus one then if you want to break the record.

Domino Day 2008 – The New World Record