Don’t Blink: This Is The World’s Fastest Toy!

If you have ever thought about buying your kid a toy that is going to stimulate his or her creativity, you probably haven’t considered that reflexes have anything to do with it. Crayons, watercolors or even a box full of Lego would probably put you in the “best-parent-ever” category for at least an hour or two. However, what if you were looking to keep your child busy for hours and hours at end? Is there such a toy that could stimulate every reflex, every muscle and every split second of your child’s play?

Yes there is! These guys have managed to create the world’s fastest toy, EVER! I remember when I was a kid, just a tad younger than I am now, and I had a plastic car track with a couple of wind-up cars. They were just the most awesome thing back then, and I played with them for at least a day or two. The speed of those things was amazing even back then, but compared to what these guys have created, it’s like watching a turtle hasting around the world, twice.

I challenge you to even see the car, and where it is when it enters the chicanes on the left side. The only time you will even see the car is when it enters the straight track to the right. At first I was a little hesitant to the fact that there even was a car. I wondered if they had just post edited the sound in, but fact is fact, this is really the world’s fastest car track toy EVER for kids. Now your kid will use every muscle, every reflex and every waking hour to even be able to catch, see or stop this little badboy!