Don’t Be a Copy Cat!

Imitation is the best form of flattery as the saying goes, but not when others copy your photo and your Background on Twitter.  This is actually the 2rd time this has happened or maybe even more.

I checked out what kind of Twitter-er they were and most are the ones that sell a lot of stuff to people.  The bad thing about it is that they have so many followers too.  So many people being deceived.

It really does take time for one to build his or herself online and for one to get noticed with millions of people wanting to get other people’s attention.  I think its unfair that others would have to resort to being copy cats.  It may work in the short term for others but when you get caught, its a lot of reputation management that you need to re build and for most cases they will fail.  Specially if you are branded at a fraud.

So just one tip.  Be original.  Be yourself.  I am just thankful for my Twitter friends who are kind enough to tell me that they have witnessed this acts of copying and spamming.  The entire community even got one suspended for being a copy cat.