Driverless Car Prank: Best Prank Ever For Drive-Thru Restaurants

I just wrote an article the other day about driverless cars and the car manufacturers who are working on the technology to make them a reality. According to the current statistics and predictions, by 2040, 75% of the cars on the road will be self-driving. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we will have a cute little robot driving us around (like in Total Recall). It simply means our cars will be equipped to assist us with our driving. When I put it that way, it suddenly sounds kind of boring.

There is a type of driverless car that’s definitely not boring though. It’s the one YouTube user MagicofRahat created. This is the funniest viral video I’ve watched this week, and it’s a must-see if you want a good laugh.

He just uploaded it 2 days ago, and as of the time I’m writing this, it has well over 8 million views. People who work at the drive-thru always seem to be the butt of jokes, and this one is the best yet. The driverless car Rahat created actually isn’t driverless at all, it just looks like it is. He basically created a “car seat costume,” which makes it look like the car doesn’t have a driver. How would you react if you saw this? Would you think it was a ghost car that came to life or would you know it was a prank?

Some people cursed, some people got scared, some people just watched in amazement, and one person instantly snapped a pic to upload on Instagram. I remember working at the Wendy’s drive-thru when I was 16-years-old. I would have loved it if this kind of car pulled up. How fun! Then again, if it was at night, and it was dark outside… Just watch the video and see for yourself what happens.

Driverless Car Prank – Perfect For Drive-Thru Restaurants


Via: [Geekosystem]