Make Your Enemies Bite The Dust With This Dirtbag Delivery Service

Have you ever disliked someone so much that you wished to fling some not so pleasant words at them? Perhaps you had to hold back just because that person happened to be your boss, teacher, or some other authority figure. Maybe you could not stoop so low as to create a public scene. What if you could express your feelings anonymously? Some people are legitimate dirtbags and don’t even know how much they get on the nerves of those around them. Perhaps an impolite awakening can help them in reforming their ways. This amazing dirtbag delivery service offers the perfect prank to send a literal message their way!

The awesome folks at Dirt By Mail understand that sometimes subtle criticism just won’t do. When desperate measures are needed to make your frenemies realize how obnoxious they truly are, an anonymous prank is your best bet. Sign up for this dirtbag delivery service and send a bag full of actual dirt to all those who have rubbed you the wrong way. In case these people are slow at comprehending things, the bag is also accompanied by a card that reads “You’re a dirtbag.”. This is a spectacular way to get your point across without getting your hands dirty.

[pullquote]This unique service is completely anonymous, you just need to make sure that you provide the correct address of the intended recipient of this muddy gift.[/pullquote] You wouldn’t want this bag of dirt to be delivered to an innocent person, and definitely not to you! Steer clear of the check box that converts the billing address to the shipping address. Double and triple check your order before you press enter. If you succeed in correctly placing your order, your part of the job is done. Just sit back and relax while your foes get befuddled by this strange bag of dirt that arrives at their doorstep. Rest assured, there won’t be any trail of breadcrumbs that leads back to you!

Although a clever idea for an anonymous prank, things can get out of hand if you do not prank wisely. Use this service in the spirit that the founders intended, that of playing a hilarious prank on those who have mildly annoyed you by being more attractive or successful. Do not use this service for bullying or harassing others because that makes you a dirtbag, not them. The website does not allow people below the age of 18 to send or receive a dirtbag. However, we all know that even adults can behave stupidly on most occasions, so think twice to make sure that your target is an appropriate dirtbag for this present.

This innovative dirtbag delivery service will set you back by $4.99, but will leave you with the immense satisfaction of letting the recipient know that they have messed with the wrong person! The team at Dirt By Mail should consider expanding their service to deliver more literal messages to people. How about gifting a sloth bear to your laziest friend and a cute little tortoise to the slowest of the group? We sense an opportunity for a groundbreaking business! We hope that someone works on this idea while the dirtbags of the planet learn their lesson, one delivery at a time.

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Dirt By Mail – The Premium Dirtbag Delivery Service

Dirt By Mai Dirtbag Delivery Service Dirt By Mai Dirtbag Delivery Service