Epic Lego Construction Is All Automated

Any epic Lego build is signed, sealed and delivered with a touch of creativity and uniqueness embedded into it. It’s not always clear why something goes viral, or why some people get all excited checking out Lego builds. One thing is for sure, whenever there is a new epic Lego build uploaded to the Internet, we are definitely there to bring you the latest and greatest news about it. Of course, there won’t be any disappointment this time around either because I think I have found at least what I think is one of the most epic Lego builds I have ever (yes, I really mean EVER) seen.

It is brought to us by the awesome YouTube user akiyuky who certainly knows how to build the coolest gadgets you can think of by just using Lego. The cool thing about this build (or should I say “these” builds) is that once you drop one of those tiny balls into the “machine,” it is all automated. There are a ton of small Lego footballs being dropped in, and once they are entered, you will follow them through the build.

Everything is super timed and the trucks, carts and cars are all automated with sensors and cameras following black tape on the floor which guides them to the right position and makes them stop and do their thing. The clip really deserves your attention because it must have taken this guy quite some time to put all of this together into what we are now able to look at. I am especially impressed with all the vehicles doing their thing in this ballet of awesomeness. If you have ever seen anything like this (by that I mean something better than this), you should definitely get back to us so that we can check it out and possibly write about it.

Epic Automated Lego Build Design