Epic Star Wars Augmented Window Lego Battle Display

When it comes to window shopping, we haven’t seen too much awesomeness lately. It’s been the same boring approach pretty much for years now. Sure, there is some “innovative” thinking during the Christmas season, but that seems to be the very edge of it. There is so much more that the store owners could do to entice people to walk in to their stores and buy the latest and greatest products. Right now, they just put the fresh products in the store window and that pretty much covers it. Consumers today have gone from lazy couch potatoes to lazy Internet browsers, and that has made them somewhat aware of the connection between the price and the delivery of products. If they can get something cheaper on the Internet and also get it delivered to their door, why would they use their energy to walk down to the store?

This has increased the store owners’ awareness of their own vulnerability, to some degree, which has lead to some innovative thinking. As we could have guessed, Star Wars is of course in the forefront of this whole movement of trying to make window shopping a little bit more immersive. In a store in London there is actually an augmented Lego display that will have anyone drooling for more. It has pretty much everything you could wish for from the Star Wars universe.

An epic laser fight is raging in the window display, and there are even scores kept. If you watch it to the end, you will see the awesome conclusion of the battle which I am sure will have you walk into the store like a zombie looking for a brain. In a daze, you will grab a box of Star Wars Lego and be on your merry way home. Well, after you have paid for it of course. I like this new way of thinking, and I don’t think it is one day too soon that we finally see some innovation when it comes to store window displays.


Via: [UFunk – French]