Eraser Shavings Turn Mistakes Into Happy Accidents

I love “happy accidents” art. Actually, there is no art that is officially called happy accidents; I just call it that. I heard that phrase when I was a little girl, and I started using it a long time ago to describe artwork that encourages mistakes since in order to grow, we have to make lots of mistakes, right?

However, in the creation of art, there is no such thing as mistakes, there are only happy accidents. Like Richard pointed out in his article recently about creativity, pure inspiration and creativity cannot live where there is reason since having reason implies limits. You will probably get your best results when you tap into thinking (and believing) that anything is possible.

If you are an artist, writer or innovator, and if you are trying to create your perfect masterpiece, just know that as you progress things might turn out a little differently than you first planned, and that is okay! If you need proof of that, just check out all these inventions that were originally intended to be something else on Forbes.

The last time I wrote about something I put in my category of happy accidents art, it was a tablecloth that creates beautiful artwork from drinks spilled on it. You can see that here. This illustration made with eraser shavings is also happy accident art. It reminds us to live with no regrets, and instead learn from our mistakes and move forward. Life is art without an eraser, right? Just remember, no matter what happens, it’s all going to work out in the end. This poster was created by W+K, and you can buy it for $35 here.



Via: [CMYBacon]