Ever seen a fake pool look real? | Amazing!

It is quite rare that I feel like I actually want to be where any of the videos that has been published here on Bit Rebels areshot. But this time I can honestly say that I really do. Checking this pool video out is just taking my head to another place. I’d actually want to be there just to take a photo or a video showing me walking calm around the bottom of that pool only to exit like nothing ever happened. The execution of the illusions is awesome in every way and if it wasn’t for the lady with the handbag I’d truly believe it.

I wrote an article about the most awesome pool in the world here on Bit Rebels earlier but I somewhat must change my mind a little. Or at least make it a tie. Even though this one is not a legit pool it still looks like one and truly makes you think you want to jump in there to save whoever is trapped underneath the surface.

This fake pool is located in Japan and makes my perception of Japanese people even more inspiring. Them guys are just too clever for us to keep up with. How do you think they managed to make this fake pool look so real? Any suggestions?