Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About LEGO Minifigs [Infographic]

I am writing this article out of complete respect for the beloved LEGO minifigs that many of us grew up with. Right before I started writing this, I looked at my own minifig collection, and I realized once again how special they are. I remember the day I received each one, and what it symbolizes. The Star Wars and the Olympics minifigs are my favorites, but all of them hold a special place in every geek’s heart.

When my friend Tal, co-founder of visual.ly, sent me this infographic and told me how the team there created it together, I knew in an instant that I wanted to share it with you. Of all the infographics I’ve published lately, I bet this one was the most fun to research and put together. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were given the assignment to research the history of LEGO minifigs? I’d be all over that.

It’s simply called Minifigs Major Collectibles, and it’s basically everything you ever wanted to know about LEGO minifigs. The first minifig was introduced in 1974. The very first ones didn’t have arms or legs. They still don’t have any ears. There are some other great facts on here too like…Did you know there are over 42 video games based on LEGO sets? There are about 122 million minifigs sold each year, and there is only 1 female minifig for every 18 males. There are around 4 billion LEGO minifigs in the world today. There are so many other interesting tidbits you’ll find in this jam-packed infographic.

The next time you or your kids get out the big bucket of LEGO bricks, and you squish through them with your fingers to find your favorite minifigs, just remember how special they are. LEGO minifigs will always be a part of geek history, and to this day, I love mine dearly.

In Celebration Of Our Beloved LEGO Minifigs

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [Gizmodo]