Everything You Need To Know About Art History

I wouldn’t say that I know a lot about art, and quite frankly, I have never really bothered to read up on it. The things I know about it, I have picked up along the way. Of course, you get the most important stuff fed to you in school from studying Mona Lisa and pieces like that. However, the more in-depth knowledge isn’t really something most of us have any use for in our daily lives; therefore, we don’t spend any time or energy picking it up. However, there is a whole world surrounding the flavors, styles and forms of art that most of us never get in touch with, and that’s probably good considering how expensive some of the art pieces out there are.

So what should we really know about art that would pretty much get us through any kind of shallow conversation about the whole thing? Well, according to Grant Snider, it’s quite easy to pick up the necessary knowledge, and it doesn’t have to be advanced either. Just have a look at his ingenious comic, and you will pass any simple test with flying colors I am sure. I recommend keeping out of the more in-depth conversations about it though because you might look like an airhead if you start spewing whatever it is you learned about art from this.

I can’t help but laugh about all of these because I am sure I have heard half of them through my years when either playing Trivial Pursuit or just from talking about something in general. Grant’s art is quite hilarious, and you would do good checking it out every once in a while. They are actually small comics that he puts online, and most of them will turn your Monday mornings into a complete joy. Now, let me see… I need to remember all of this information about art because I’m sure it will come in handy one day. Grant is right, this is really all you need to know about art. Right?

All Art Knowledge You Need