Facebook Like Light: Interactive Lego Like Button Build

As a kid I loved Lego (of course I still do), yet I never had a lot of it. Back then, I tried to create what I could with the limited resources I had. But imagination goes a long way, and before you knew it, I created a whole space station with a few space crafts hovering around it. Sure, they didn’t much look like the awesome builds that we’re accustomed to seeing here on Bit Rebels, but in my imagination, they were more than enough to play with. Today it seems everyone has the ability to get Lego by the bucket loads. Sure, the Lego space builds will cost you slightly more than a bucket of Lego, but you can still create quite a build with one of those buckets. Maybe that is why so many people have started to create some of the most awesome builds we have ever seen here on Bit Rebels.

Creativity and a bit of imagination will take you far even if you have limited resources when it comes to the number Lego blocks you have in your possession. Matt Reed has quickly become my hero of sorts. He managed to use the Facebook “Like” API to create one heck of a build.

Matt took the Legos at his disposal and built a lifelike “Like” button logo in which he put 4 LED lights, connected it to Arduino motherboard and wrote an open source script that connected it to the Facebook API. The result is nothing less than awesomeness. Every time someone likes something on his website, the Lego Like build will light up like a Christmas tree. How’s that for inspiration? I am sure you can build this yourself as well, or even get the instructions from Matt himself. I just HAVE to get one of these! Maybe this will be the Christmas present to all the Bit Rebels co-workers. You never know…

Facebook Light Like Lego Build