Felix Baumgartner’s Full Jump From The Edge Of Space In LEGO

Few people probably missed the record-breaking jump Felix Baumgartner committed to on Sunday when he became the first person to ever jump from 128,000 feet and safely land on mother earth. It was a historic event that broke several records. Felix, or as he is called Fearless Felix, managed to break the sound barrier and the record for reaching the highest altitude anyone has ever managed in a manned balloon. But those aren’t the only records he broke. Felix and of course his sponsors managed to break the YouTube record for the most people watching a live event at the same time (with over 8 million adrenaline pumped viewers). It was an epic event that was broadcasted all over the globe.

The video of Felix Baumgartner stepping off the capsule has become a viral success, and people are amazed by the feat that he and the Red Bull team achieved. So much so in fact that there is now a reenactment created entirely out of LEGO. Yup, it’s yet another reason to be geeky…you get to see everything twice. It’s a pretty impressive creation with a lot of time spent on the details. After all, you wouldn’t want to get anything wrong since these records will probably be undefeated for quite a while.

It’s a teaser video created for the Model Maker Fair that I am sure will add a geeky touch to the whole event. We have seen a lot of movies and scenarios created out of LEGO throughout the years, and this will most likely not be the last one. However, I am sure it will be quite a while before we get to see anyone reaching this altitude ever again since the altitude that Felix Baumgartner jumped from was pretty much the highest any balloon can reach before it starts to just hover at the same altitude. Big props to Felix Baumgartner for the courage and fearlessness of taking on space as a sky diver. Epic achievement!

Felix Baumgartner’s Full Jump From Space In LEGO

DKY718‘s Felix Baumgartner Record Infographic

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