Fold a Record Breaking Paper Airplane | Nu Kool

I recently saw a clip where a contestant at the Red Bull Paper Airplane competition broke the record of the longest flight which lasted 76 seconds (!).  The secret, the record holder says (no name found), is how high you can throw the plane. Throwing paper planes has become such a huge sport that they even have their own championship which is held by Red Bull. The company has even set up their own website entirely dedicated to Paper Airplanes.

It’s no secret that this hobby has become huge and soon probably, like every other sport, has it’s own clothes and lifestyle etc. If you find this as intriguing as I do then to get you started I have included a clip of a tutorial on how to fold the record breaking paper aircraft. All to get you started and to get you a head start. make sure you add them small details to the aircraft paper first. Using a printer makes the plane look even “kooler”.