FootUndeez: The Toe Thong Is Now Available

Lingerie has always been presented in a multitude of colors, shapes and brands. Some like lesser wear while others like the larger better support. However, did you know that there is lingerie for other parts of your body as well? Me neither until I came across a geeky and quirky idea by the guys over at Capezio Ballet Makers. I am sure it’s nothing like you are expecting since it has nothing to do with conventional lingerie.

Capezio is an exclusive creator of dance wear, and they create everything from tap shoes to ballet support wear to prevent injuries or to support an already existing injury. They had an idea to create a foot lingerie line which developed as a small and genius joke, but it has been successfully received by their customers.

It’s sort of a support harness for you feet. However, it is created to look like regular lingerie and is definitely a new thing. Even though it might look odd and funny, I am sure women who are ballet dancers or who just like to support an injury will find this new way of pimping out their feet quite interesting. It even comes in different materials, shapes and even dazzled out with bling. Prices range from around $20-$30, and if you want to get yourself a pair, just head over to their online shop right here. Would you wear it?