These Freakishly Real Gas Fireplace Skull Logs Are The Perfect Nightmare Fuel

For some people, every day is Halloween and a simple ghost costume just won’t do. While the pumpkin lanterns may start to rot within a few days, these fireplace skull logs will last you for years. Being freakishly similar in terms of dimensions and appearance to a human skull, these innovative logs will add a spooky element to your fireplace all year round. As an added bonus, these magical skulls possess a charm to ward off nosy neighbors. Just kidding! Although the faint hearted will definitely steer clear of your dungeon, erm, house.

This wicked invention by Myard combines lava granules and heat resistant ceramics, on top of a core of steel, to create human skulls that you can use to warm your soup. Compatible with both liquid propane and natural gas fireplaces, you can even use these creepy cinders to adorn the logs of a wooden fireplace or fire pit. These skull logs are multi-purpose; you can keep your home toasty while you perform pagan rituals around the fire. How about a nice bonfire party with stories of ghosts and spirits while these skeletons spit flames at you? You can even formulate a stress-busting exercise where you throw them one by one into the fire, pretending that they are your enemies. [pullquote]Oh come on, we have all wanted to do this at some point in our lives.[/pullquote] The options are endless with this versatile product.

Priced at $65 per head, these logs aren’t exactly cheap, but hey, how many can claim to have some skeletons sizzling in their backyards? Also, each skull will provide your home with stunning visual effects for several years, making this investment quite a bargain. Whether you bring these out when the annoying boss is over or just have them chilling in your fireplace all day long, they will serve you beyond death. Your very own house of horrors is literally one click and one adventurous decision away.

Go all out and buy at least a dozen so that you can convert your fireplace into a pyramid of scorching death. Myard even offers 3 color choices, black, brown, and white, for maximum aesthetic appeal. Each skull is intricately designed and hand painted for the “human touch”. They are also thoroughly tested to ensure that they won’t melt and disappear in a conventional bonfire and will glow like embers instead. Your home will shine and sparkle with the wisdom of these spirits who are back from their graves. They apparently come with a limited lifetime warranty too, ironic, isn’t it?

This unique and clever product combines science with sociopathic behavior and will appeal to geeks and creeps alike! The solution to a multitude of problems, from pestering landlords to annoying intruders, these skulls will have your back even though they are spineless. Who needs a burglar alarm when they have a bunch of human skulls protecting their premises? These skull logs will light up your lives with their ethereal glow and will completely transform your property into a haunted kingdom. Just remember to keep the fire burning!

The Myard’s Realistic Gas Fireplace Skull Logs

Myard Human Gas Fireplace Skull Logs

Myard Human Gas Fireplace Skull Logs

Myard Human Gas Fireplace Skull Logs