Galactic Groomers Put On The Sexiest Lightsaber Fight Yet

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that in all the Star Wars movies combined, there are a boatload of epic lightsaber fights. I sometimes wonder if George Lucas knew when he came up with the name “lightsaber” that it would become such an iconic weapon throughout the the rest of his and pretty much everyone else’s lives. I don’t think anyone in the civilized world doesn’t know or hasn’t heard about the lightsaber. At the rate that the Lucasfilm studio pushes out new Star Wars content, it’s not such a mystery really. I mean, soon you won’t be able to walk into a single store without being greeted with something that has its origins in Star Wars.

Well, since we are talking about epic lightsaber fights, there is of course a category of sexy lightsaber fights as well, at least if you were to ask Seth Green who recently produced a promo spoof video for Saber Body Wash. I guess you could call it Axe for geeks, and seemingly babes are fighting over it. Just like in the Axe commercials, these girls will stop at nothing to get as close to it as possible. Which of course leads on to one of the sexiest lightsaber fights yet.

In the middle of it all is Chewbacca, who makes for a brilliant candidate in the spokesperson role since he must surely be the hairiest character in the entire Star Wars saga. It’s safe to say that the ending is anything but dire and horrific. It’s quite opposite really. This certainly has to be one of the geekiest spoofs to date. It’s way up there with an article I wrote a while ago called the Star Wars Car Wash. Really, the only thing I am questioning is whether either of the girls know that playing with electricity near water is never a good thing, right? Maybe that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. DOH!


Via: [Geekologie]