Geek Fantasy Fandoms On Pinterest

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that sites like Pinterest are targeted for fashion obsessed teenage girls. Sometimes I must admit, this is true. That’s not to mention the other areas of content that crowd this site — weddings, art, food, scenic landscapes, and so forth. Here’s the good news though, there’s great content on this site even for us geeks. I’m talking about those of us who would happily spend a Saturday night watching a movie marathon of our favorite fantasy series, whether it be Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter.

So what exactly am I referring to? The pins and boards I’ve spent some time researching on Pinterest struck me because they’re not the typical thing I come across on Tumblr — you know, the photo of a young couple holding hands in black and white, or anything included from the topics I mentioned above. Instead, they’re awesome finds from our most beloved stories and movie franchises.

There are stills from the movies, props from sets, fandom based clothing, drawings, toys, slogans, and so much more. Also, you can find boards dedicated to the actors and others involved with the creation of the fandoms. The possibilities are endless, and in comparison to Tumblr, they are much more pleasing to view on Pinterest’s layout. If there’s ever been any question about whether the interests of geeks can still have a place in social media, by observing what’s already on Pinterest, the newest and up and coming platform, it’s clear that there’s a nerd within us all.

Hopefully after looking at these, you’ll be convinced that Pinterest is awesome (if you haven’t already). Also, if you’re up for the task, you’ll take it upon yourself to further develop these subjects while Pinterest is still causing buzz and growing its user base. Show everyone that geek fandoms rule!

Ian McKellen From LOTR

Harry Potter Pin on Pinterest

Star Wars Themed Pin

Blue Harry Potter Parody

Image Credits: [We Heart It 1] [Pete] [Etsy] [Houzz] [We Heart It 2]