Geek vs. Nerd: Factoids & Stats [Infographic]

Yes, that is absolutely correct! I have touched the subject before and that article (Geek vs. Nerd: The Anatomy) was actually well debated. A lot of people were even offended by the claims the infographic stated. Well, as we all know, not everything is picture perfect in the world. There is a saying that says it’s the exceptions that make the rules. There is never going to be a Geek or a Nerd that is spot on according to what other people describe them to be, if you know what I mean. However, just because there are people out there opposing what is supposedly average, that doesn’t mean there won’t be yet another geek versus nerd infographic for you all. As a matter of fact, I was sent one today that you all might want to take a look at.

Maybe this one will fit everyone even better. This one is not so much how each nerd or geek is, but a little bit of factoids and statistics about the average kind. Not only is this an infographic about the differences between the two, but it is also packed with information. There’s even information about where the words “geek” and “nerd” originally came from. This is certainly useful stuff to know since it reflects the origin of the stereotypes, and where they started.

I bet a lot of you people are going to have an opinion about this one as well, and I think that is awesome. I like a good debate, and as long as it is informative and not becoming trolling, I am fine with it. This infographic was provided by Master In IT and is sure to widen your knowledge about both sides of the fence. I mean, the battle is an ongoing one, and it won’t stop until one of the sides submits to defeat. Since that is unlikely to happen, we are most likely to see a lot of these in the near future. Either way, who doesn’t like a good comparison every once in a while, right?

Geek vs Nerd Lifestyle Infographic

Via: [DVICE]