The Anatomy Of A Lego Minifigure

The anatomy lesson of the day is a gruesome adventure into the intestines of a symbolic geek object that most of us at some point have marveled over. Maybe you were one of those people who dozed off during the biology classes in school since you thought most certainly you wouldn’t need that knowledge for anything you dreamt that life would hold for you. Well, you were probably right. However, a little anatomy of weird objects in life could turn out to be fun knowledge that at some point you could bust out to impress the people you might hang with that would be interested in knowing your anatomy skills. You never know, right?

Today I would like to cover the ultimately important anatomy of the Lego minifigure. Yes, it’s important because you might think that these little plastic building heroes are all indestructible because they are made out of plastic, but that’s where you are wrong. If you look at the masterfully created illustrations that Jason Freeny put together, you would know better than to label these hard working little yellow people as emotionally empty.

Jokes aside, these are some interestingly created illustrations and hand crafted anatomy of the Lego minifigures that must have taken some time to complete. The detail is fascinating and the way that Jason managed to put this all together is just badass. I think I am seeing some cut scratches along the edge of the figure as well which might suggest at least the Lego minifigure is an actual size Lego minifigure, if that makes any sense at all. However I wouldn’t dare to make that call with the chance of being horribly wrong. If it is a true minifigure this has got to be the most insane micro creation to date. Try getting all that detail into a minifigure. Not so easy, is it? Well, at least now you know better than to treat your Lego figurines like toss-around toys. Mind yourself, they have feelings!

Lego Mini Figure Anatomy Infographic

Lego Mini Figure Anatomy Infographic