Get A Grip With The Innovative Yofo iPhone & iPad Holder

When it comes to destroying iPhones, I’m two for two. I drowned my first phone overnight (note to self: keep ice cubes away from an iPhone), and then a year later, I dropped another phone. So one dead phone and one cracked screen later, I’ve realized that either I have to stop being clumsy, or I need to find a better way to protect my phone.

Thanks to the Yofo, a double-sided suction cup gadget, I can still be clumsy (some things you just can fix), yet hold onto my iPhone. The flexible Yofo attaches to one side of your smartphone and leaves you with a round handle to hold between your fingers. It includes stickers to create a stronger surface for the Yofo to attach to your phone. Also, the stem between the two suction cups is perfect for storing earbuds. Who hasn’t wasted time untangling those cords?

You can keep your phone safe from spills by attaching one side of the Yofo to your phone and the other side to your desk, which elevates your phone. Too bad there isn’t a laptop version of the Yofo. If so, my MacBook wouldn’t have drowned when I spilled a glass of juice in it. Yes, that makes three devices I’ve ruined in one year!

Think about the last time your smartphone slid off your dashboard, you tried to use the GPS on your phone, or you needed hands-free calling. By sticking the Yofo to your phone and then to your dashboard, you can do any or all three of these functions. If you’ve ever tried to watch a movie or TV show on your iPad, smartphone or Droid, or read an eBook on your Kindle, you know how tricky it is to try to balance the device. The Yofo is an easy-to-attach kickstand that you can throw in your briefcase or purse and have ready to use in case you have time to actually watch the movie your rented. Have you ever noticed that some of the simplest gadgets are the most practical?

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