Get Ready To Gag: Hello Kitty Theme Park Opens In Japan

Let’s get something straight; I only like Hello Kitty when she is in the form of socks, and on my sexy smart friend @krystynchong (1st picture below). Any other time, she pretty much makes me gag.

In the spirit of giving you something to giggle about (or gag about) today, I thought I would share with you the newest indoor theme park that opened about two weeks ago in Japan. It’s called Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise (Kawaii means “cute”).

There are two other theme parks in the world that feature Hello Kitty, Sanrio Puroland and Harmonyland; however, this is the first one where she doesn’t share the stage with her Sanrio friends. Although chomping her head off these mini pizzas was kinda fun, I wouldn’t eat the Hello Kitty pancakes below, they would make me sick for sure.  Personally, I wish Hello Kitty would go away forever, but apparently a lot of people in Japan still adore her since they are expecting a minimum of 700,000 people to visit this theme park in the first year! Wow! Since it’s only 10,000 square feet, it’s too small for any seriously cool rides, but they do have the usual… a restaurant, gift shop, theater and pink cutesy stuff everywhere you look.

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Image Credits: [Jetsetta, Dreammm]