The Woman Behind The Curse “Hello Kitty”

She’s in every shopping mall, in every kids room and she’s starting to take over the every day life of adults as well. Yeah, I am talking about the “cute” little cat “Kitty”. In the beginning I am sure that the Japanese folks really enjoyed the presence of this little purr. After all in the beginning she wasn’t named “Hello Kitty” she went by the expression”The white one without a name”. She wasn’t named until a year later. Nope, her name is NOT “Hello Kitty”, her real name is “Kitty White”.

The designer that brought us this hellish curse is Ikuko Shimizy. Kitty White was born back in 1974 (yup, before I was even born). Shimizy Yuuko worked for a company still owning the rights for this multi billion dollar concept named Sanrio.

I wouldn’t have anything against Hello Kitty if it wasn’t because of the fact that I have a 4 year old daughter and she’s fanatic about the cat. Still not a problem. The problems emerges when looking at the price tags for these merchendises. MY GOD! It’s half a fortune just to get her a fricking t-shirt or a bed set. I know I am not the only parent that starts to dislike this curse of a cat. Still they are raising the prices every so often!

Yeah, and don’t ask me about the Hello Kitty boxers. Cool or not…who wears that???

Here’s some facts and images about the purr and her global domination scheme.

  • Company: Sanrio
  • CEO: Shintaro Tsuji
  • Turnaround: 1,1 Billion Dollars
  • Designer: Shimizy Yuuko
  • Real Name: Kitty White
  • Family: Mary White – Mother, George White – Father, Mimmy White – Twin Sister, Antony White – Grandfather, Margaret White – Grandmother.
  • Born: 1974
  • Items: Over 50,000

A Few Items:

Hello Kitty - ComputerHello Kitty - KeyboardHello Kitty - BoxersHello Kitty - HouseHello Kitty - LipstickHello Kitty - ToasterHello Kitty Cell Phone