Giant Lego Batman Is Too Stiff To Fight Crimes

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Our lives would be all about kickin’ butt whenever necessary in the name of everything good on the planet. Most of us won’t even come close to that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by it. When I say “most of us,” I of course mean the overall population. Every once in a while we hear about some heroic deeds being carried out in the name of the planet. An example of this is what the engineers are doing over at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant right now. They are risking their lives to save the nation from a total disaster (which of course has already occurred on another level). Their mission is to save the situation from becoming a global disaster. Ultimately, they are risking their lives to save the future. If that’s not being a modern hero, I don’t really know what is to be honest.

There is another kind of superhero also, as you know, and those are more supernatural in form and shape. Their abilities go far beyond what is humanly possible, and they use it for the good of mankind. To be inspired by superheroes doesn’t always mean that you have to act, behave or do the deeds of one. It can also mean to create something in honor of the superhero you like best. This is exactly what MJ’Laflaca captured with his Canon PowerShot SD450 camera in a Lego store in Tysons Corner Center, McLean, Virginia. The build is especially epic since it is a full-fledged Batman with a cape made of leather, built into a life-size statue, completely out of Lego.

Imagine being 10 years old and inviting your friends over after having built this badboy. It could be standing in the center of your room. That would certainly be epic, and the word of mouth would make you a little superhero of your own for the mere achievement of building it. The only sad part is that this Batman won’t be fighting any crimes anytime soon. The static posture is a crime preventer. It’s magnificent, however ultimately anti-active. But hey, it’s Batman and made out of Lego! Who can argue its geek factor and the awesomeness of such a build. Awesomeness defined!

Lego Life Size Batman Build

Lego Life Size Batman Build