Good & Evil: A How-To Guide For Each Side

In a world plagued by terrorism and war, it’s hard sometimes to stay positive and believe in the future of mankind. However, there are so many things that we can still marvel over that our mother earth offers us. We shouldn’t delve into things that will only cause us further harm or pain.

It might not be easy, but once we all start thinking positively, there is a huge chance that most of us will live a quite normal and happy life. So if you want to make a change, maybe it’s time to start doing it. In the world of superheroes, it seems it’s easier to fight violence with violence sometimes; however, if you’ve noticed, superheroes almost never use more violence than is necessary. The world isn’t perfect, and it never will be. However, if you want to escape reality for a minute and not focus on the problems of the world, then here is a perfect way to do so.

Everyguyed put together something that will certainly make you giggle. Escape reality and choose sides. You can either be a white knight or a black hat. They represent the good and the evil. Depending on what motives you have, you can always follow these how-to guides to enter the league of like-minded people. It would be quite funny to have someone walk into the office dressed as Super Mario looking for the Princess.

Sure, you would probably lose your job quickly (unless it’s Halloween), but it would certainly give your co-workers a pretty cool laugh too. Is it worth it? Well, you have to be the judge of that for yourself. The geek culture is starting to sound more and more like lunacy if you ask me. We are not all this… hmm… extravagant, and we certainly don’t mastermind world domination… oh wait! We actually do! Oh well, after all, what is our imagination for, right?

Good Or Evil Tutorial Guides

Good Or Evil Tutorial Guides